That's me.
I live in a town in central Illinois. Surrounded by fields of corn no matter which direction you go, Champaign is a very interesting place — almost the perfect community to grow up in. Growing rapidly with a diversity in cultures in every single one of it's 17 public schools, Champaign has the strongest community I have ever come across for a city so big. With a population of just over 86,000 people, the city presents multiple events and parks to it's citizens. The downtown area is the heart of it. Also expanding in size, downtown Champaign is packed full of restaurants, cafés, shops, hotels, and offices — all of which can be walked to. We moved here when I was just three years old. Just like any other kid, I grew up through many interests, from pirates to computer programming. Now it is farming. Yes, weird, I know. But my family has owned a farm out in northwest Kansas for four generations and after going out there almost every summer, I have realized that this is what I want to do.

Down below I've made a quick list of some of my favorite hobbies and things to do. Keep in mind that these are just my favorites and not everything. If I had listed everything, the page wouldn't be big enough to fit it all.
  • Nature Photography
  • Camping
  • Woodworking
  • Stock Trading
  • Fishing
  • Playing Soccer
  • Farming
  • Hiking
  • Shooting Guns
  • Writing Stories