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One Man's Vessel | October 29, 2018
Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe. It's a common saying about self-reliance: be kind, but not naïve, and take responsibility for yourself. One could say I overlooked the meaning and took it literally, and I did. Long story short and simply put, I had always wanted to build some kind of a boat. I don't exactly know why, but there was something about putting pieces together from scrat

Fishing on the Pontoon | July 29, 2018
A couple weeks back we drove out to Kansas for a weekend on the lake and to visit my grandparents and uncle’s family. It was a short trip, only two and a half days, but it was nice considering it’s was the first trip I’ve been on during this summer vacation. My grandparents brought along their pontoon and jet ski to Glen Elder State Park, right next to Waconda Lake. After a sunny day of tubing on the waves and wake of the jet ski, we all got ready to go catfishing with a guide my had uncle setup for us.

No Collection is Too Weird for the Adventurous | July 1, 2018
Collecting something, no matter what it be, is always an adventure. To be able to go back through history or stories of human culture simply by looking at random objects collected by you or someone else is the result of such an adventure. My grandpa was an avid collector of many things, including scythes, glass soda bottles, toy tractors, typewriters, lighters, etc. Some of the items he has are very old, so it’s neat to look at them.

My Own Small Garden | June 2, 2018
Gaining an interest in plants lately, I decided that I wanted to try and grow some. We have a garden in our backyard, but with my parents using it for their own veggies, I scouted out a different spot. Behind our garage was a small patch of dirt, rocks, and grass that went right along the alleyway. I figured this was probably a good enough size for me since I wasn’t planting much. So, a few days later I got to work digging and tilling up the grass and rocks to make clean soil.

A Lesson from a Possum | May 31, 2018
During a recent visit to my grandparents’ house in the rural state of Kansas this spring, I learned a lot about possums, simply put. To begin the story, I was outside in the backyard and happened to look over and see something stumbling along in the grass. Upon closer observation I noticed that it was a possum, although it wasn’t walking right . . .

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