Country Sunrise
A Family Tradition of Cutting Firewood | January 3, 2018
Every year during the holiday season, we make a ten-hour drive to Kansas to visit some family. The drive ultimately sucks, as it is very long and boring, but the trip is well worth it. My grandparents and uncle, who live out there, warm their houses with wood-burning stoves. Because winter is obviously cold and snowy, they go through a lot of . . .

We Finally Got Some Snow Just in Time for Christmas! | December 23, 2017
Over this past night, just one day before Christmas, we finally got some snow on the ground! Although it’s not very much, it’s at least something. We are also forecasted to get some snow tomorrow on Christmas Eve. I’m not really as excited as I used to be about getting snow though, because it’s been so nice and warm this year, I’ve gotten used . . .

The 2017 Summer Solar Eclipse | December 19, 2017
Where I live, here in Illinois, we were in the direct path of the 2017 solar eclipse that flew across America. Us students had school that day, but they were generous enough to let us out early, so we could watch it. Unfortunately, no one in my family had gotten ahold of a pair of glasses, so we couldn't even watch it happen. Luckily, our

What I Like About The Home Depot | December 14, 2017
Because I do a lot of handyman work, I make frequent trips to The Home Depot to get supplies. In those many trips, I’ve noticed that about half of the employees that work there have some type of disability, and I like that. From wounded veterans to autism, The Home Depot hires all. You don’t really walk in to any other places and see nearly half . . .

How It Feels to Be Shot At | December 9, 2017
On Friday, December 8th, 2017, around 7:00 p.m. in Champaign, Illinois, I decided to go to a boys basketball game at my high school, which was just three blocks away from my house. Although it was cold, I just walked there since it was not far. The home game was against a nearby town and the gym was packed to its limits with people. It was . . .

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