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We’re Ready for Christmas! | November 28, 2017
Yep, we’re ready for Christmas already! We just bought our tree and decorated it to the brim with lights, ornaments, and silver garland. Not only that, we also lit up the entire front of our house and garage – more lights than we’ve ever done before. The inside of the house is also decorated with miscellaneous things every now and then . . .

My Favorite Mulch Pile | November 9, 2017
Back in 2011 when my mom and I moved into a new house, our landlord kept a huge pile of mulch right next door for his flower garden. Doesn’t sound ideal, right? Well, I being 11 years old then, made the most of it! I made that tall pile my castle. One time I even put some chairs and other things up there to make it more comfortable. Surprisingly I can’t find . . .

Carving Pumpkins for Halloween | October 27, 2017
It’s that time of year again! Time to carve pumpkins and light them in the night for others to see. This year I carved two pumpkins: a chicken and a tree. Those might seem kind of boring, but they turned out pretty decent. I decided to go simple this year as last year I carved a very intricate witch scene that took hours to finish. Even still, the tree I chose . . .

Building a Cedar Strip Canoe | October 12, 2017
I’ve always wanted to build some type of a boat by hand. I don’t know why. I guess it just feels like you haven’t passed a step in life yet until you’ve build a boat. So I looked online for tutorials and such and found plans for a 16-foot Prospector cedar strip canoe. It was without a doubt a big project to take on, especially being my first time ever . . .

Leave and Look Back on It | July 26, 2017
I recently came back from my first, two-week overseas trip to visit family in the Philippines where pretty much everything is different. From the traffic to the ‘wet bathrooms’, it would take one a while to get used to it and not miss the American way of doing things. It was a cool trip but by the end I was ready to go home where . . .

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