Country Sunrise
A Poem: Smoke of the Free | July 4, 2017
Smoke of the Free by Elijah Wasson On the morning of the fifth, As the sun rises And the clouds float, The smoke falls to the ground. From the night before As seers saw colors dive from the sky And hearers heard loud blasts From the celebrations of freedom. Look out upon the horizon Through the fog of . . .

More Homemade Furniture | June 30, 2017
Today I finished another homemade table, only this time it’s a side table, not a coffee table. I used more old and weathered wood to add a rustic style to it. If you didn’t see my previous post about the coffee table I built, here’s the link. I got the inspiration to make this because while I was out collecting some more old barn wood from . . .

Looking for Fenn’s Hidden Treasure | June 25, 2017
I only recently found out about a ‘hidden treasure’ that has captivated tens of thousands of people into looking for. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains lay a 10” x 10” x 5” bronze-casted box full of treasures said to be worth more than $1 million. With only a map and a poem, Forrest Fenn has influenced friends and families . . .

The Best Part of a Cinnamon Roll | June 21, 2017
Now, I must say, there is almost nothing better than the warm, gooey center of a cinnamon roll. Whenever I have the chance to eat a cinnamon roll, I always look forward to getting to the center of it where all that goodness is stored . . .

I Built My First Piece of Furniture | June 13, 2017
This morning, after two days, I finally finished building a rustic-style coffee table! I really wanted to build something using old barn wood, so this past weekend while I was out at my mom's house, I stole two wood boards out of the inside of her barn (don't worry, they were necessary to the building's structure). They were the perfect . . .

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