Country Sunrise
My First Vehicle: a 1996 Ford Ranger! | June 12, 2017
I finally bought my first pickup!
My grandparents visited us last weekend, hauling a manual-transmission 1996 Ford Ranger behind them all the way from northwest Kansas! My great-grandpa previously owned it and used it as a farm truck on their ranch in Decatur County, KS. While he was in a nursing home . . .

The Worst Night of my Life and Lessons Learned | February 25, 2017
This is by far my most favorite quote of all time. It speaks so truly to me because I am a very shy guy when it comes to talking to a girl I have a crush on - that is, if I was able to talk to girls. Last night my school held the 19th annual Swing Central dance at the local country club. The Swing Central dance is basically . . .

Helping the Hungry | February 16, 2017
My first story comes from something that happened to me yesterday in the cafeteria at my school. My friends and I were sitting at our table, like usual, and all of the sudden we noticed this African American student go into the kitchen. He opened his backpack and put it on the ground. What he did next was something I have . . .

My First Blog Post and Many More to Come | February 8, 2017
Hello everyone, this is my first official blog post on my website! I started this simply because I thought it would be cool to have my own website including a blog, so it became. This website was completely made by hand, by me. Let me tell you that I do not wish to pursue coding as a . . .


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