No Collection is Too Weird for the Adventurous
I cut the feet off before I skin them, which brings me to my next collection: animal skins and other parts. So far in that one I have a ground squirrel and brown squirrel skin, and a turtle shell. I tried to skin an opossum but long story short, the whole thing was a mistake. As far as the parts go, I have one porcupine quill, goose & pheasant feathers, deer antlers, a rabbit tail, and a deer jaw.

Here are the skins, a pair of small deer antlers, and some pheasant feathers.

     My final and not as exciting collection consists of pencils. This one I actually started a long time ago with my dad and we’ve slowly added to it over time. Whenever we see a decorated pencil for sale on a shelf somewhere, we make a quick effort to buy it and throw it in a shoebox with the rest. In there are probably around four to five hundred uniquely designed pencils. Nobody really knows what to do with a collection other than store it away somewhere and occasionally study it from time to time, but that’s not the point. It’s the thrill when you discover something new to add. That’s what I think anyway.