One Man's Vessel
beginning of the next summer, and it stalled for a couple months until my grandma unintentionally found me a job working at an RV campground. It was just what I needed to start back up. Two months and ten layers of varnish later, I was done. Out of ninety-nine hand-milled strips had come a beautiful oeuvre d’art, and a boat to call my own.

     On October 10th, 2018, we loaded the canoe up onto my truck and all headed out to the campground I had worked at that summer. There was a small lake on the property where we intended to put in. The canoe made its first touch to water's surface, and I made my first steps into the hull. I sat down on one of the seats, both hand-woven by my grandma, took a paddle, and went out through the water for the first time in my canoe. It glided through the water like nothing was there; The glassy, smooth finish hardly disturbed the surface at all.